About Us

At HelpinPlants.com we publish tutorials, tips & tricks, and individual indoor plants (especially succulents and cacti) species growing guides for your home gardens. We do our best to only publish well-researched indoor plant growing guides, their features, their benefits & toxicity, and where they are suited for.

We believe it'll be your last destination for your plant care guides. Because we write in-depth, well-researched, and recent tutorials and ultimate guides about indoor plants.

We include almost everything about an individual plant, i.e. from buying plants to growing guides, watering schedule, soil selection, fertilizing, etc.

We want to make this website as useful as possible for all of our valuable visitors. So if you got any useful information that we lake in our planting guides, please contact us. We'd love to hear it.

Bundle of thanks for visiting our website - helpinplants.com.

Best regards.
HelpinPlants Team

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