Most Popular Hanging Succulents

Hanging succulents are becoming more and more popular. They may be hung indoors or outdoors for a touch of color, or they can be placed on the window sill. Growing succulents can be a very rewarding process as they have so many different shapes and textures to chose from. Especially, if you want to grow hanging succulents, you should get started right away and choose the best variety that suits your home or garden!

Succulent plants are a great way to spruce up your home without spending too much money! You can purchase amazing trailing succulents in bundles, or you can get them individually. They make excellent gifts for family and friends as well.

Some of the most popular hanging succulents actually have "String" in their name, which makes it easier to remember.

Let's check out the list of 11 Most Popular Hanging Succulents below.

String of Pearls (Senecio Rowleyanus)

string of pearls succulent
String of Pearls

The String of Pearls succulent originated in South Africa. It is a succulent that varies between orange, pink and white depending on the environment it's grown in. This hanging succulent has small, almost spherical-shaped leaves arranged in a string, hence the name.

This hanging succulent has become a popular choice among homeowners due to its trailing long nature, and drought-hardy ability.

Donkey Tails (Sedum morganianum)

donkey tails succulent
Donkey Tails

Donkey Tails hanging succulent is native to Mexico. It has long, thick stems which can grow up to 6 inches in length. Its leaves are large and spiky like an aloe plant. The donkey tail trailing succulent was named for its long slender nature.

This hanging succulent prefers full sun with well-drained soil. They do not like to be overwatered as they are naturally drought resistant.

It is also known as Burro's-tail, and it is one of the most fascinating hanging succulent plants. It is highly sought after for hanging in pots and hanging baskets as it can adapt to almost any environment, weather condition, or soil.

String of bananas (Senecio radicans)

String of bananas
String of Bananas

Also known as hanging Basket-full-of-bananas, is hanging succulent native to South Africa. The hanging basket of bananas is a type of succulent plant which can grow up to 10 feet tall. Thus making it one of the most popular hanging succulents among homeowners for its size.

This hanging succulent has a trailing nature and is known to be very resilient. They tend to prefer well-drained soil when growing indoors.

String of dolphins (Senecio peregrinus)

String of dolphins
String of Dolphins

The String of Dolphins is not found in nature, but rather a hybrid of String of Pearls and Candle Plant. Both of these plants originate from South Africa.

This hanging succulent is resistant to extreme heat. It has a trailing hanging nature and tends to attract bees and butterflies due to the bright red color of its dolphins-like leaves.

It can thrive in dry soil but requires lots of light, moisture, and warmth when growing indoors.

String of hearts (Ceropegia woodii)

String of hearts
String of Hearts

This hanging succulent is native to Madagascar. Hanging hearts as they were named for their fat, red and heart-shaped leaves hanging on long stems that are hanging or trailing in nature. This hanging succulent plant can grow up to 15 feet, making them perfect for hanging baskets indoors. It prefers low light conditions when growing it as a hanging succulent indoors.

They do not need much water and are drought resistant.

A string of Hearts is the perfect succulent for those who want stunning trailing plants that can be scalable for any size pot or garden. A string of hearts grows rapidly and has lots of dangling leaves, which will intimately intertwine with each other to create a beautiful curtain effect in your space.

Ruby Necklace (Othonna capensis)

Ruby Necklace (Othonna Capensis)
Ruby Necklace (Othonna Capensis)

The Ruby Necklace plant is a wonderful succulent that can be grown indoors or outdoors. It can be easily grown in a hanging basket for decoration. This succulent's springtime growth has dark green leaves with lime green stripes and pink spines show up on the edges of the leaves, giving the appearance of a ruby necklace. As fall comes along, succulent flowers appear with a deep magenta color.

This is the perfect hanging basket plant for those who love to have something that will bring life and beauty into their home all year long.

A Ruby Necklace loves bright light once it's mature, but can tolerate some shade while it's younger. It is drought-tolerant, but you should only go a couple of weeks in between watering the Ruby Necklace, or it will begin to suffer.

Elephant Bush (Portulacaria afra)

Elephant Bush (Portulacaria Afra)
Elephant Bush (Portulacaria Afra)

Elephant Bush is a popular succulent plant because of its easy care and beauty. This beautiful plant is native to South Africa, and it produces thick branches that can grow up to 24 inches long with leaves on the ends. Its leaves have smooth edges and feel like velvet when touched. It can be in green, blue-green, and purple colors, which makes it easily stand out in any space.

If you are looking for a unique hanging succulent plant that will bring life to any home or garden, then growing Elephant Bush is a perfect choice. The plant works well indoors or outside as long as they are properly cared for and placed in an area with enough sunlight during their summer months. During the winter months, you can keep them in direct sunlight or brighter indirect light. It should be watered once its soil is completely dry to the touch.

The only real downfall of this succulent plant is that it isn't drought-tolerant, so just be careful about not overwatering this hanging succulent during your growing process.

Baby Necklace Crassula (Crassula Klein Duimpje)

Baby Necklace Crassula (Crassula Klein Duimpje)
Baby Necklace Crassula (Crassula Klein Duimpje)

Crassula Baby Necklace is a succulent plant that has very unique characteristics. The most noticeable aspect of this hanging succulent is the long, trailing stems with no leaves on them along with its vibrant colors. It is native to South Africa, which makes it perfect for those who live in warmer climates.

Baby Necklace will grow and trail over the side of a pot or around your hanging basket, giving you a beautiful look that's full of color with its lime green leaves and tiny white flowers. It loves bright light but can tolerate some shade. This is a great hanging basket plant for those who live in warm climates because it loves the heat and humidity. It can go for longer periods of time without water but will need more frequent watering in hotter temperatures or if placed in an area with no overhead lighting.

Baby Necklace crassula enjoys high humidity and like most succulents, it should be watered when the top of its soil is completely dry. It also enjoys fertilization once a month from March to October with water-soluble fertilizer mixed at half strength.

String Of Nickels (Dischidia Nummularia)

String Of Nickels (Dischidia Nummularia)
String Of Nickels (Dischidia Nummularia)

String Of Nickels is a truly unique hanging succulent plant. This plant looks like strings of coins that are slowly being wrapped around the edges of your pot or hanging basket with its long, thin stems covered with tiny gray leaves. The yellow flowers that bloom on this succulent look just like pennies, which gives the String Of Nickels its name. It can easily stand out in any space and is a great choice for those who love to brighten up their home with unique-looking plants. It will continue to grow as long as you prune it occasionally, giving it a full look that's bursting with color from the flowers and large leaves.

As a tropical succulent, it needs plenty of sunlight and moist air. It can be used indoors as long as it's kept in an area that gets eight hours of sunlight or more during the summer months. During the winter, you can still grow it with just one to two hours of sunlight per day. It likes to be much drier than most hanging succulents, so you'll want to refrain from over-watering it in an attempt to keep it alive. It should only be watered when the top layer of soil is completely dry.

It can also grow best with little humidity, so you can place them in a location with lots of airflows to help them thrive. String Of Nickels can be grown outdoors and indoors, as long as the location they're placed in has consistent temperatures between 45 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer months.

String Of Nickels plant is also used as a medicinal herb in many parts of the world. It's believed to improve high blood pressure, lower your cholesterol, and treat rheumatism.

Rat Tail Cactus (Aporocactus Flagelliformis)

Rat Tail Cactus (Aporocactus Flagelliformis)
Rat Tail Cactus (Aporocactus Flagelliformis)

Rat Tail Cactus is a unique-looking hanging succulent. This plant has long, thin green-and-white stems that are covered with tiny, round leaves and white spines on them to protect it from predators. The flowers bloom at the end of each stem of this succulent. These flowers will be different shades of red, creating a beautiful look that's full of color and life.

It is a trailing plant, which means it likes to grow out instead of up. This makes it a perfect hanging basket succulent for anyone who loves the look of seeing a plant flow over the side of its pot or hanging basket.

The Rat Tail Cactus thrives in warm, dry areas. It doesn't do well in humid climates but can handle the heat and low humidity better than other succulents. You'll want to water it when you start to see the leaves begin to droop. This is a good indication that it's time for another watering. Just make sure you don't water it too much, as this can cause the leaves to rot and fall off. It needs longer periods between watering than most succulents do.

Sedum Little Missy

Sedum Little Missy
Sedum Little Missy

Sedum Little Missy is a trailing succulent that looks just like its name. It has small white and pink flowers along with bright green leaves that give it a unique look. This hanging succulent will form into large mounds over time, making it an excellent choice for anyone who wants to add some color to their outdoor space or bring a little bit of life to their indoor living room.

Sedum Little Missy plant is very easy to grow. It requires full sunlight or partial shade, as well as moist soil and plenty of water when the top layer is dry. This succulent can be used indoors or outdoors but will require more sunlight if it's kept indoors. You can place it near a window where it gets plenty of sunlight.


The String of Pearls, Donkey Tail, String of Dolphins, String of Hearts, and Ruby Necklace are the most popular hanging succulents. These plants are easy to grow as long as you provide them with plenty of sunlight or shade depending on what type they need for their environment.

When watering these types of succulents be careful not to overwater them because it can cause leaves to rot off which will make your plant look less healthy in appearance.

If you're looking into purchasing one or more new plants for yourself, I'd recommend you choose from the above ones!

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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