"Tiger’s Jaw" has fleshy green leaves, that form an unusual bunch of boat-shaped leaves. It has teeth along its leaves edges, that are used to absorb moisture. It is a light-loving plant. It should be grown in full sunlight or partial shade. During its active growth seasons, i.e. fall and winter, it grows beautiful large yellow flowers.

Its leaves are dark-green or grey-green in color, with small white dots on its outer area.

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Details about Faucaria tigrina "Tiger’s Jaw"

How to care for Faucaria tigrina “Tiger’s Jaw”

Faucaria tigrina “Tiger’s Jaw” may seem dangerous, especially its leaves edges. But in fact, they are very soft. It is a light-loving plant. So place it where it gets enough sunlight. When it gets enough light, it grows some beautiful large yellow flowers. Its active growth seasons are Spring and Fall. So pay extra attention to watering and fertilizing (if you wish).

Where to plant Tiger's Jaw plant?

If you live in a colder environment, where temperature can go below 20 °F (-6.7 °C), You should plant Faucaria tigrina “Tiger’s Jaw” in a container. (use DIY succulent soil for the container). Because it is not cold hardy, so you'll be able to bring it inside in winter.

This succulent needs more sunlight. So plant where it gets about 5-6 hours of direct sunlight a day.

How to water Tiger's Jaw succulent?

Faucaria tigrina “Tiger’s Jaw” does not require any special watering schedule. You can use the same succulents watering method just like for other succulents plants. It is best to water when the soil is completely dry. Otherwise, its roots may rot in wet soil.

How to Propagate Faucaria tigrina “Tiger’s Jaw”

Faucaria tigrina “Tiger’s Jaw” can be propagated with cuttings or seeds. The stem cutting is preferable as it's better and easier to care for.

Propagate by Offsets

Faucaria tigrina "Tiger's Jaw" produces small offsets around its base. Simply pull these offsets and plant them in well-draining soil.

Remember to give water when the soil is completely dry. I have mentioned that at the last in how often to water succulents guide.

Propagate by Seeds

To grow by seeds, place the seeds in well-draining succulent soil. Water them when the soil dries out. If you are not living in a cooler area, you can place the seeds outdoor, otherwise, do it indoors with grow lights.

Seeds sowing should be in the active growth seasons, better in Fall.

Pairs Well With

Haworthia concolor

Facts & Features

  • 3 inches Tall

    Grows up to 3″ (8 cm) tall

  • Grows in Spring and Fall

    Need more care during these times.

  • Non Toxic

    It's safe for humans and pets.

  • Normal Watering

    Use regular succulent watering methods. Learn how to water succulents easily.

  • Not Cold Hardy

    Protect from very low temperatures.

  • Not for Indoor

    Not suited for indoor growing.

  • Partially Shady Sunlight

    You can keep it in full sun but protect it during the afternoon.

  • Propagation by offsets and seeds

  • Zone 9a

    In this zone, the temperature can drop up to 20° F ( -6.7° C )

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